Recently I found an online 3d modeling program called TinkerCad. I found Tinkercad through fusion 360 (which my brother Gideon uses), which is a more complex 3D design program by Autodesk. TinkerCad is fun because it is super simple, but it's also different from most other programs. For example, you can use one shape to cut into another shape to form whatever you want. But most other programs are different because you merge together objects instead of cutting and slicing at an object. Some schools also use Tinkercad because you can create Tinkercad classrooms. I haven't been to a Tinkercad class before, but that would be interesting to try out. Tinkercad also has an app on the app store for iPad, on the iPad, you can use AR (Don't know what AR is? Click here for more info about a similar AR app) to see you 3D objects placed down on tables, chairs, etc. (my Tinkercad profile


I think you need to print out the toilet paper holder for us :)

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