3D Printing Wood?

Yesterday I was looking at a list of 3D filament types. Here is a list of 16 different types of filament: 

(Please note: not all of these filament types work for my printer, and that there are more types of filament than listed below)

  1. ABS Filament 
  2. PLA Filament 
  3. PET Filament 
  4. PETT Filament 
  5. Nylon Filament 
  6. PVA Filament 
  7. Sandstone Filament 
  8. Wood Filament 
  9. Metal Filament 
  10. HIPS Filament 
  11. Magnetic Iron Filament 
  12. Conductive Filament 
  13. Carbon Fiber Filament 
  14. TPE Filament 
  15. Glow in the Dark Filament
  16. Amphora Filament 

I didn't realize that you could print wood filament. That sounded interesting to me, so I looked it up on Amazon. I read some of the reviews. Apparently, when you are 3D printing wood filament, it actually smells like wood, which is surprising because the filament is created out of such small recycled wood bits. It is mainly made out of PLA with which I have already been printing. But there is a difference from printing pure PLA versus printing with the wood filament. People say you have to use a bigger nozzle to print wood because it might clog up (don't know what a nozzle is? Click here for more info). But I did find a youtube video by CHEP that explained how you could avoid having to install a different nozzle when using Wood filament: 


You might need to reload the page for the youtube video -Ezra

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