Castle Pop-up Book

About a week ago, we bought a castle pop-up book from Goodwill. It has a page explaining a short story about the castle and the different places in the castle. When you flip to the next page, the castle pops out, and you can see all of the different areas in a castle. Here are some pictures of the castle fully folded out:

In the pop-up book, there is a page with all of the different castle words and definitions of them, like:

  • Armory - a place where weapons and ammunition are stored.
  • Ballista - a weapon for hurtling missiles.
  • Battering ram - a long heavy beam with an iron head, used to break into a fortification.  

There are lots of other interesting words, that I have never heard before! The first time I saw the castle I didn't see that I can do lots of cool things like open and close the gate to the castle and move the draw bridge up and down. I also saw several enemy soldiers trying to get under the walls of the castle that I didn't see at first. The book is very intriguing because I can see soldiers walking around the inside of the castle when I look through the gate, and you can see people doing their chores and work around the castle, and it looks pretty realistic!