S & A Detective Agency (part two)

One morning as I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock I noticed something white laying on my desk. I stood up to get a better look at it. As soon as I got up I noticed that it was some snow that came through my open window. So I fell back on My bed. A few minutes later my mom came in and said that Simon was at the door. I told my Mom to tell Simon that I would be down there in a minute. After my mom left I quickly got dressed in my winter clothes and went downstairs. (BTW Simon is my best friend who I met a couple years ago). When Simon saw me he said: ¨Hi Alminy, did you see the snow outside?¨. I told him about the snow on my desk as we went upstairs to my room. when Simon saw the pile of snow on my desk he said we could just push the snow back out the window, so we started to push the snow back out the window but as I was about to push a lump of snow out the window Simon said, "Wait! what´s that?¨ I followed Simon gaze at a small piece of paper sticking out of the snow. "Be careful. We have to pull it out slowly" I said as we gently pulled the piece of paper out of the pile of snow. We tried to read what it said but we could only make out the word: "Water" so we put it on my desk to let it dry, after that me and Simon went outside still puzzled. Then we heard a police siren ringing across town we were so puzzled about the piece of paper that we didn't pay attention to the siren at all until a car nearly hit us suddenly a strong hand grabbed us out of the road and on to the sidewalk.