About a week ago, my brother gave me his 3D printer. I had started printing some tests, and then I printed started to print mask relief straps, mask relief straps are straps for when you are wearing a mask that goes around your ears it sometimes hurts your ear, so these are for the back of your head here is the model for it on a 3D printing website. But when I printed some, the problem was is that it was meant for people who have a lot of hair on the back of their heads; otherwise, it slips down. But I looked around a little more on Thingiverse, and I found a remix of it with a comb, Here is the model for that. The next day my Mom had needed me to print about 100 of them for the masks that she is selling. So I started printing but, the 3D printer that Nicholas gave me could only print one at a time and it took 40 minutes each so my brother Nicholas brought over his other 3D printer the Ender-3 and I started printing on there. I print about 25 mask relief straps a day. Here is a timelapse of the ender-3 printing mask relief straps: 


Kudos to your problem solving skills, Ezra. PS: I was hoping for a pic (;

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