Octoprint Apps

Today I decided to check out the different Octoprint 3rd-party client apps on the Apple app store. The first one I tried was called:


Kraken was not that bad actually, but one problem I noticed was that when you pressed the movement controls, you would have to push them twice for it to respond.


One thing I noticed with this app is that it was compatible with Siri, which meant I could tell Siri to start printing something on my printer file list. I also really liked the colors and the layout of the app; it felt very clean. 


This one did not work. And it felt like an old layout, the font was older. And there were no options or any customization.

3DPC "Your Printer's Companion App."

I like this one actually because it felt like I was in more control of my printer. And most of the controls were on the same page, and there were many customizable settings.

OctoClient lite

This one I did not like so much because most of the tools did not work unless you paid for the pro version.


Most of the apps had a pro version where you could pay to unlock features. But I think I will stick to using the web instead, if I had to choose an app out of all of them I would choose 3DPC because of how much control I have on that app. This is a picture of OctoPrint on the web: 


Well researched and well written, Ezra!
Thank you

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