A couple of days ago, I found out about a plugin for Octoprint (Don't know what Octoprint is? Click here for more information.) It is called Octolapse. Octolapse is used for taking a ton of photos after each layer and putting them together to make a video that looks like a timelapse, and the result is quite cool. I found out about Octolapse because of a Youtube channel that posts a ton of timelapse videos (WildRoseBuild's channel). So I decided to try the plugin. I installed it but as I was hitting the print button on Octoprint's control panel I got an error message from Octolapse saying I needed to put in some print settings that I have for the printer. And so I opened Cura and entered in the correct settings, then I hit start printing. What is pretty cool is that you can view the timelapse preview as the camera is taking a picture. Here is the result of my first Octolapse: 

And here is a screenshot of the Octolapse control panel: 


Oh dear, Ezra, you are so much smarter than my "old" brain!
that looks neat. I have to try it and we have to teach Nathan

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