Krunker Map Editor

There is an online multiplayer shooter game called Krunker. I have been playing Krunker since November last year. Krunker is a first-person shooter game that has the appearance of Minecraft because of the blocky characters and some of the game maps. And what I like the most about the game is that the community can post maps (like arena's, infection tag maps, etc.). The way you can create and publish a map is pretty easy. The first thing is to go to their online map editor. And there are objects you can make like cylinders, cubes, ramps, etc. With that, you can create some cool maps that other players can play. And there are also clans in the game that you can get invited to if you make good maps. The game modes for maps vary from "Free for all" to "Infection tag." I started making maps earlier this year. One that I have created is called: "TradeJail," it is a Prison themed map that is dedicated for the game-mode "Trade" where players can trade their weapon skins for other players' skins. Here is a picture of the editor: