Flowers and Basil

Two weeks ago my Mom bought some basil and flower seeds and potting soil and so I scraped out the old soil and replaced it with the new soil. That took a while because I didn't have a shovel or a spade so I had to get a dolly and push the pot on it. So after that I took some of the basil and planted it and I also took some of the flower seeds so here is picture of it growing right now:

(BTW if you look close enough you will see the basil in the background)


The Basil looks really good. Are you going to fix something to eat using Basil?
Maybe I don't know. Did you find the basil in the background?
By the way I will try to post another picture because the basil and the flowers got a little bigger
Is the basil the tiny plant at the top of the picture in the middle?

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