Making Changes to My Minecraft Server

Yesterday I was trying to add plugins to my server, but when I joined on the server, nothing worked. I had tried restarting my server several times. The plugins weren't working, (by the way, plugins are programs that you install on your server to make things look different I sometimes get mixed up about the difference in plugins and mods, but I am pretty sure that plugins can only change the way things look for you, and mods can only add to the game. Here is a more detailed article about the difference.) After that I asked the support team on apex's website, and they said that I didn't have Spigot installed on my server, I thought maybe I would have to pay extra if I wanted Spigot installed, so I thought perhaps I could upload the Spigot file to the server files. So I googled how to install Spigot on a server, but I kept getting the result "how to make a Minecraft Spigot server." Then I texted Nicholas about the problem. He asked for the username and password for the panel login, and I gave it to him, and he logged in and quickly found out how to install Spigot on the server, so he set up Spigot, and now I think the plugins will work I will still have to try it, but I do know that Spigot is now installed. (If you would like to join my server on Minecraft, here is the IP address: if you do not know how to join a server Here is instructions.)

The iMac

About a year ago, we had been given an old 2009 iMac from some of our friends. The iMac was slow, but we used it for our schoolwork. I had wanted to reset the computer, but I wasn't sure if it would ruin the computer or not, but eventually, I decided to reset the computer. Well, it didn't work, it had not gone back to its original program, and since I never created a backup, it was just stuck in the "select a drive" state. I had worked hours trying to get it to work. But nothing I did worked, so the iMac just sat there in my room for about three or four months. Until recently when I remembered that Nicholas had installed Ubuntu on a USB flash drive for his desktop computer, so I looked up how to install Ubuntu on a mac computer it said " to plug in the USB flash drive then turn on your mac hold down alt/option and select the USB drive and then press the install" I followed the steps, and it started installing Ubuntu. I was very excited that it was going to work finally. I went through the ubuntu setup process then it was set up and ready, except for one thing the wireless internet chip driver for Ubuntu wasn't installed, so I looked up how to fix that, and there was a lot of answers that I tried, but none of them worked. I don't know whether I didn't do the instructions right or not or if the version was wrong. But I skype called my brother, Nicholas, who has used Ubuntu before and who would know how to fix the problem. I had screen shared my screen on the iMac, and he helped me fix the problem. I didn't understand everything that he told me to do, but he said that the computer needed a CD for installing the driver for the wireless internet chip. But he was able to make the USB flash drive seem like a cd to the computer, and the computer downloaded the driver. The iMac is now working, and I use it for schoolwork and skype.

iPhone 11

About a week ago, an iPhone 11 arrived in the mail. It had was bought by my uncle. It is for my grandpa and grandma who is going to move back to Lake California. Once it came in, I logged into my Grandpa's Apple ID, and then I had started setting up the iPhone. The iPhone 11 does not have an actual home button like most other types of iPhones, but instead, you just swipe up on the screen and does the same thing as a home button, if you don't know what a home button is, it is the button on the bottom of the iPhone (shown in the image below)

The reason why it does not have a home button is that the screen fills up the whole front of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 also has some other perks, most of the different iPhone versions don't have. But I am still figuring those out. 

Two Minecraft Versions

There are two Minecraft versions for a pc:

Minecraft Java edition costs 26.00$ for a one-time fee, and Minecraft windows 10 edition costs 29.00$ for a one-time fee. Usually, most people will buy one or the other. They both have separate apps to download so they aren't the same app when opening Minecraft. But Minecraft Java edition has more experienced players because everybody who plays on Java edition is playing on a pc and pc's are easier to move around when playing. But most people who play on windows 10 edition are playing on Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo so since they are playing on controllers it makes it harder to move around and it is overall harder to play than on a pc. I play on both versions of Minecraft, but I prefer playing on Java edition.

Why I Had to Make Fixes on my Blog

The reason I changed my blog was that I noticed that the image for the background was gone, so I went under the coding side of my blog and found out the older image was deleted from the website that it was on. So I went and found another image, this time it was a winter looking image. It took a while for me to finish uploading the image, and change the color of the text and other things. But I finished it, and I think it looks pretty good!