Raspberry Pi 400 Retro Keyboard

Raspberry pi recently announced its latest model of the Raspberry Pi. It's called the Raspberry Pi 400

It's not clear that it is available for purchase yet. I heard about it first from a podcast called SQPN that discusses technology. 

It is basically a Raspberry Pi put into a keyboard, so the Raspberry Pi 400 is the same as the Raspberry Pi 4 but with upgraded parts. It runs the latest version of Raspberry pi OS. The $100 kit includes the following:

  • Micro HDMI to HDMI cable (for monitor display)
  • Power cord 
  • Micro SD card (for the OS and storage)
  • Mouse
  • Raspberry Pi project book

It's also really cool because the ports on the keyboard are located in the back:

I will write a follow-up blog post when it arrives! 

Here's an example of a real retro keyboard with a built-in computer from the 1980s. It was called the Commodore 64. The Commodore had 64 Kb compared to the Raspberry Pi 400 that has 4GB of RAM. My Dad was in high school when the Commodore came out, and he remembers one classmate who had one, but no one else had one in his class. These movies came out the same year as the Commodore:

  • E.T.
  • Annie 
  • Star Trek Wrath of Khan 
Here are some old ads for the Commodore: