New Ender 3

Today I ordered an Ender-3 3D printer off of eBay. My brother Nicholas (who let me borrow his Ender-3 and his PrintrBot back in march) is going to take the printer back, and so he helped me find another one on eBay, Me and Nicholas found an ender-3 on eBay for about $200 by a trusted seller (), and I purchased it. I can't wait for it to arrive! Once it comes I will have to assemble it, so I have watched a couple of tutorial videos on building an ender-3. Here is probably my favorite one that found:

Krunker Map Editor

There is an online multiplayer shooter game called Krunker. I have been playing Krunker since November last year. Krunker is a first-person shooter game that has the appearance of Minecraft because of the blocky characters and some of the game maps. And what I like the most about the game is that the community can post maps (like arena's, infection tag maps, etc.). The way you can create and publish a map is pretty easy. The first thing is to go to their online map editor. And there are objects you can make like cylinders, cubes, ramps, etc. With that, you can create some cool maps that other players can play. And there are also clans in the game that you can get invited to if you make good maps. The game modes for maps vary from "Free for all" to "Infection tag." I started making maps earlier this year. One that I have created is called: "TradeJail," it is a Prison themed map that is dedicated for the game-mode "Trade" where players can trade their weapon skins for other players' skins. Here is a picture of the editor: 

Octoprint Apps

Today I decided to check out the different Octoprint 3rd-party client apps on the Apple app store. The first one I tried was called:


Kraken was not that bad actually, but one problem I noticed was that when you pressed the movement controls, you would have to push them twice for it to respond.


One thing I noticed with this app is that it was compatible with Siri, which meant I could tell Siri to start printing something on my printer file list. I also really liked the colors and the layout of the app; it felt very clean. 


This one did not work. And it felt like an old layout, the font was older. And there were no options or any customization.

3DPC "Your Printer's Companion App."

I like this one actually because it felt like I was in more control of my printer. And most of the controls were on the same page, and there were many customizable settings.

OctoClient lite

This one I did not like so much because most of the tools did not work unless you paid for the pro version.


Most of the apps had a pro version where you could pay to unlock features. But I think I will stick to using the web instead, if I had to choose an app out of all of them I would choose 3DPC because of how much control I have on that app. This is a picture of OctoPrint on the web: 


A couple of days ago, I found out about a plugin for Octoprint (Don't know what Octoprint is? Click here for more information.) It is called Octolapse. Octolapse is used for taking a ton of photos after each layer and putting them together to make a video that looks like a timelapse, and the result is quite cool. I found out about Octolapse because of a Youtube channel that posts a ton of timelapse videos (WildRoseBuild's channel). So I decided to try the plugin. I installed it but as I was hitting the print button on Octoprint's control panel I got an error message from Octolapse saying I needed to put in some print settings that I have for the printer. And so I opened Cura and entered in the correct settings, then I hit start printing. What is pretty cool is that you can view the timelapse preview as the camera is taking a picture. Here is the result of my first Octolapse: 

And here is a screenshot of the Octolapse control panel: 


Recently I found an online 3d modeling program called TinkerCad. I found Tinkercad through fusion 360 (which my brother Gideon uses), which is a more complex 3D design program by Autodesk. TinkerCad is fun because it is super simple, but it's also different from most other programs. For example, you can use one shape to cut into another shape to form whatever you want. But most other programs are different because you merge together objects instead of cutting and slicing at an object. Some schools also use Tinkercad because you can create Tinkercad classrooms. I haven't been to a Tinkercad class before, but that would be interesting to try out. Tinkercad also has an app on the app store for iPad, on the iPad, you can use AR (Don't know what AR is? Click here for more info about a similar AR app) to see you 3D objects placed down on tables, chairs, etc. (my Tinkercad profile