Mother's Day - It was fruit tarts and tarts with lemon custard!

Yesterday, my whole family and I drove to our Oma and Opa's house for Mother's Day. Noelle and Caleb came about half an hour later. because Caleb picked her up from the airport in Sacramento. My cousins Aaron and Nathan were there too, and a friend of my Mom's from back when she was in school came to see Mom. We ate lunch. Then I went swimming in Opa and Oma's pool. Sophie, Aaron, Nathan, and Johanna came in afterward. And we all swam for a while, then I got out and dried off, and I also took some pictures and slow-motion videos of Aaron, Nathan, and Johanna jumping into the pool. Then Jonathan brought out a dessert that he made the day before. It was fruit tarts and tarts with lemon custard, it was DELICIOUS! We brought some back home with us. After that, Aaron, Nathan, and Johanna went back into the pool, and the rest of us relaxed for a while. Then Aaron brought out the cell cake that he made for a science project. After that, we cleaned up a bit and drove back home. Here are some pictures I took:

Making Changes to My Minecraft Server

Yesterday I was trying to add plugins to my server, but when I joined on the server, nothing worked. I had tried restarting my server several times. The plugins weren't working, (by the way, plugins are programs that you install on your server to make things look different I sometimes get mixed up about the difference in plugins and mods, but I am pretty sure that plugins can only change the way things look for you, and mods can only add to the game. Here is a more detailed article about the difference.) After that I asked the support team on apex's website, and they said that I didn't have Spigot installed on my server, I thought maybe I would have to pay extra if I wanted Spigot installed, so I thought perhaps I could upload the Spigot file to the server files. So I googled how to install Spigot on a server, but I kept getting the result "how to make a Minecraft Spigot server." Then I texted Nicholas about the problem. He asked for the username and password for the panel login, and I gave it to him, and he logged in and quickly found out how to install Spigot on the server, so he set up Spigot, and now I think the plugins will work I will still have to try it, but I do know that Spigot is now installed. (If you would like to join my server on Minecraft, here is the IP address: if you do not know how to join a server Here is instructions.)


About a week ago, my brother gave me his 3D printer. I had started printing some tests, and then I printed started to print mask relief straps, mask relief straps are straps for when you are wearing a mask that goes around your ears it sometimes hurts your ear, so these are for the back of your head here is the model for it on a 3D printing website. But when I printed some, the problem was is that it was meant for people who have a lot of hair on the back of their heads; otherwise, it slips down. But I looked around a little more on Thingiverse, and I found a remix of it with a comb, Here is the model for that. The next day my Mom had needed me to print about 100 of them for the masks that she is selling. So I started printing but, the 3D printer that Nicholas gave me could only print one at a time and it took 40 minutes each so my brother Nicholas brought over his other 3D printer the Ender-3 and I started printing on there. I print about 25 mask relief straps a day. Here is a timelapse of the ender-3 printing mask relief straps: 

Soap - History of Inventions - Lesson 32

We use soap every day for bathing, washing our hands, etc. Before soap was invented, the Romans had used oil then they would scrape it off with a metal scraper. We do know for sure when soap was, invented, but there is a story of how the Romans were sacrificing animals on a mountain called Mt Sapo, the animal fat combined with the ashes created soap. But that is probably not a true story. Ancient Egyptians had also written down on a papyrus a recipe for soap, but we are not sure if that was just used for cleaning the wool when they made clothes.

But around 200 AD, there was a man named Galen, who was a doctor for several Roman emperors. He wrote down that the best soap came from the Germans and the Gauls. In 500AD there was a soap guild in Italy, in 1200 AD England started making large quantities of soap, in 1400 AD France also began to make lots of soap near Marseille, and in 1800 AD there were soap factories.

Soap is made with Lye and animal fat or plant fat. The process for mixing them is called Saponification.