Dragon SpaceX Rocket

A couple of days ago SpaceX and Nasa sent a space rocket called Dragon to the ISS (International Space Station). It was the first commercial rocket that was sent to the ISS, and it had been nine years since an American rocket was launched from America and it was flown with American pilots. The crew was Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. It was exciting watching the live rocket launch countdown video on Saturday, it had originally been planned to launch on Wednesday but the weather wasn't looking good so they canceled that launch and postponed it to Saturday. What was really cool is the number of viewers watching the live stream, as Wikipedia said: "The live stream was watched online by 3 million people on NASA feeds,[13] and the SpaceX feed peaked at 4.1 million viewers. NASA estimated roughly 10 million people watched on various online platforms, approximately 150,000 people gathered on Florida's space coast[14] in addition to an unknown number watching on television.paste wiki page amount of viewers". More about the launch Here.

Crew Dragon Demo-2 Bob and Dougjpg
By NASA - https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-to-provide-coverage-of-spacex-commercial-crew-test-flight-with-astronauts, Public Domain, Link

3D Printing "Baby Yoda" from The Mandolorian

Yesterday I printed a fun thing I found on Thingiverse, it was Baby Yoda from The Mandolorian Star Wars tv show (link to thing here). the first time I printed it I had scaled it down so small that it only took twenty minutes to 3D print, the next time I scaled it up and it took two hours to print, the end result was pretty good so today I painted it the colors of Baby Yoda. These are the settings I used:

Infill: 20% 

Supports: Yes

Layer Height: 0.2 

at the time that I am writing this, I am printing Baby Yoda's little floating crib!

(Above: My 3D print)

(Below: Baby Yoda)

Analog Stick for Xbox 360 Controller

Last Sunday I 3D printed a thumbstick for my Xbox 360 controller, a thumbstick is, as Wikipedia puts it: "An analog stick (or analog stick in British English), sometimes called a control stick, joystick, or thumbstick, is an input device for a controller (often a game controller) that is used for two-dimensional input." A thumbstick is a piece that is on most video game controllers that you move around to control the objects in the video game. My thumbstick on my controller had a bit broken off of it, and it sometimes hurt when I pushed it up every time that I played a game. Then I decided to print a new one on the ender-3, I found one on Thingiverse (Here), so then I downloaded the STL file, uploaded it to Cura, then saved the data to the sd card and started printing. When the print was finished, I noticed that the supports were a little stronger then I had expected. But I was able to take off the supports using pliers, after that, I took apart my controller and was switching them when I realized that I needed to make the hole on the bottom of the thumbstick bigger so I can attach it on. I spent another ten minutes trying to drill the right size hole, once I had gotten it to fit I put the controller back together, and another problem came I needed to sand the side part down more so that it made it easier for me to move it around. Once I had done that, I tried it out, and it worked pretty well! I am excited to use the 3D printer for other parts I may need in the future.

(Above Xbox one controller thumbstick)

Mother's Day - It was fruit tarts and tarts with lemon custard!

Yesterday, my whole family and I drove to our Oma and Opa's house for Mother's Day. Noelle and Caleb came about half an hour later. because Caleb picked her up from the airport in Sacramento. My cousins Aaron and Nathan were there too, and a friend of my Mom's from back when she was in school came to see Mom. We ate lunch. Then I went swimming in Opa and Oma's pool. Sophie, Aaron, Nathan, and Johanna came in afterward. And we all swam for a while, then I got out and dried off, and I also took some pictures and slow-motion videos of Aaron, Nathan, and Johanna jumping into the pool. Then Jonathan brought out a dessert that he made the day before. It was fruit tarts and tarts with lemon custard, it was DELICIOUS! We brought some back home with us. After that, Aaron, Nathan, and Johanna went back into the pool, and the rest of us relaxed for a while. Then Aaron brought out the cell cake that he made for a science project. After that, we cleaned up a bit and drove back home. Here are some pictures I took: