Making a Live Stream Overlay

About a week ago was my friend Isaiah's birthday, and I wanted to make something for him. We had both wanted to get into live streaming games on a platform called Twitch. And a lot of people who live stream games use overlays. Overlays are basically an image or text that will go over your game. For example: 

He has a follower count, a camera overlay, and a subscriber count. All of those are overlays that he added to his stream. When he plays the game, he doesn't see all of the overlays, but only the viewers do. Overlays can be added using streaming software like OBS Studio (Open Broadcasting Software). Overlays can also be useful for reading chat or donations sent to the streamer.

And since my friend wanted to start live streaming games, he had asked me if I could design an overlay for him that would feature a chatbox, alerts (such as donations and subscribers,) a follow goal, and a subscriber goal. He laid out the design on a piece of paper where he wanted everything. Here is a picture sketch he provided me with:
The important thing is to get the right size. In Canva, I used the presentation size because that would fill the entire screen. I also needed to export as png as Canva has a transparent background option when you export it. And here is the final result:
 (one thing to note the text is mainly not on because he has to configure that on his own computer)

Old HP ENVY Laptop Refurbish

Since my Mom got a new computer, I had wanted to fix it up and use it for schoolwork. The first thing I did was uninstall adobe, Camtasia, and other unnecessary programs. Once that was finished, I backed up the computer's Documents Downloads, Pictures, and Videos folders, to a two terabyte drive that I had on my desk. I used the Seagate dashboard as that was the brand of the backup drive. 

Once I had finished all of the backing up, I had reset the computer except for the files because this was my Mom's business computer. I found that the antivirus that was installed used up a ton of disk space and that Adobe programs also took up a lot of disk space. But when it reset, it also removes those programs. Now the computer runs at normal speeds when running small programs like Brave. I think it will last about another two years before it barely runs, and drivers will be outdated. 

Steam Link APK for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Yesterday I ordered a USB splitter adapter for our Amazon Fire TV stick. I ordered the adapter because I could plug in my USB Xbox 360 controller adapter, or I could use a keyboard and mouse. I had also found out that I could stream games to the fire tv using an app called steam link. So I unplugged and replugged in the adapter and also hooked up the wireless controller adapter. At this point, I wasn't sure how to actually use an Xbox 360 controller with the TV, but I just started looking up tutorials online and found this amazing tutorial by ETA Prime (click here to watch the video.) In this tutorial, he showed how to use the controller with the TV, but in my case, the controller was already wirelessly connected to the adapter, and this Xbox 360 controller was not Bluetooth. I followed the steps and installed the Downloader app, then installed the steam link APK using Downloader. Once Steam Link was installed, I launched the Steam Link, and to my surprise, it detected the controller, and I could navigate the GUI using the controller. When you use the app, it scans your network for computers that have steam installed on it. Once it detected my computer, then I could start steam play. What it did is open Steam on my computer and stream the main screen to the TV. I have not had any lag issues with it so far. Still, sometimes the controller configuration needs to be tweaked a bit for the best performance, which I use community-made controller layouts instead of default layouts.

Using a Keypad for Adobe Audition Shortcuts

Recently my brother (Simeon) had wanted to figure out some way to make podcast editing easier by assigning certain keys to do commands. I had a keypad lying around from some projects and let him use it to make key shortcuts for his editing work. Adobe Audition has a great GUI for changing the key binds, so he assigned one of the keys to bleep out a bad word and another one for effects. It worked out great. So far, he has only assigned three. Here is the final  result:

Frostbite - 3D Print

Yesterday I 3D printed a prop from Krunker. Krunker is an online video game 1st person shooter. The item I was printing is called a Frostbite. It looks similar to an ax. Krunker has Mod files so that others can modify the game like sounds, models, colors, etc. It also has 3D models called OBJ files for the weapons and accessories, but the problem was is that all of the OBJ files were named "Melee_0," "Melee_1," etc. It didn't have notes or anything that suggested what was what. So I DM'd my friend who makes a lot of 3D models and worked with Krunker on them, and I asked him if I could get the "Frostbite" 3D model, and he responded with the correct file, which made it a lot easier for me (Link to his Youtube Channel.) 

Now all I had to do is upload it to the slicer. So that's what I did. When using Krunker models in 3d prints, I noticed that they are tiny when imported straight to the slicer, so I scaled it up using the built-in tool that Cura (my slicer) comes with. So I sliced it, and surprisingly, the estimated time that it was gonna take was about 3 hours and 40 minutes. But after about an hour in, the print came completely off of the board. So I stopped the print, cleaned off the board, and sprayed some hairspray on it. Then I started the print again. It looked to be doing well. Still, after the first 2 hours, it warped on the handle, Unfourtanitly this has been happening a lot recently to most of my 3D prints, so I will probably have to adjust the nozzle temperature or the bed temperature lower or higher, I am not yet certain which. I will probably do a blog post on that in the future.

Once the print was finished, I had removed it from the board and checked it. It went pretty well except for the warping on the handle. Soon I will paint it with acrylic paints and give it some modge-podge to finish it off, which I will post a picture on Instagram once it is finished. If you want to see the finished product follow me using this link: Instagram